Saturday, February 9, 2013

Star fruit

Hey, look!  It finally ripened!  Our star fruit is ready to be opened and enjoyed at last.  It didn't turn to mush, nor did any stray animals/children try to eat it or use it as a weapon.

Preparation instructions look fairly simple, even for my monkey thumbs, so it's time to grab a sharp knife and get slicing. Carefully.

There was only one pip inside, and the fruit was as easy to prepare as I thought it would be.  Here it is, all sliced up and ready to eat.  Doesn't it look succulent and delicious?

Of course, it is an "irrefrangible" rule of life that the more you anticipate something, the more disappointing it will be, and the star fruit was no exception.  It was kinda like a slightly tart apple flavored pineapple which none of us loved.  Or even liked particularly.  At least it wasn't absolutely disgusting, just not to our taste, so don't let us stop you trying one for yourselves.

On this day in 1883, Ontario's first free public library opened in Guelph. In related news, today is also Read-In-The-Bathtub day, so pick up a good book for your e-Reader, jump in the bath, and enjoy some you time. Just don't drop it, it's not a bar of soap.*

Oh, and it's National Toothache Day too.  Whether this means you are supposed to celebrate toothaches, or wear a hat shaped like a tooth, I'm not sure, but enjoy it anyway!  Where do they come up with these wacky ideas?

*This blog cannot be held responsible for any damage to your e-Reader caused by thoughtless posts that recommend foolish acts. Like this one. 

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