Thursday, January 31, 2013

Señor Jicama

I'm eating a lot of new food this week.  Next up is the Mexican staple, the Jicama.  Those "jackanapes" at Wikipedia like to lord it over us by using the latin name, "Pachyrhizus erosus", but it also goes by the name of "Yambean".

It's a bit like a turnip, but not really.  Eaten raw or cooked, with a sweet, starchy taste, we're hoping to use this as a low-calorie snack option.  Only 46 calories per cup!

Preparation couldn't be simpler: chop off the ends, peel it, slice it up into strips and eat with your favorite dips or seasonings.

Don't use a vegetable peeler for this one!  The fibrous skin just clogs it all up, so better just to use a knife.  Mind your fingers though, one slip and you won't be able to point things out to people any more.  A real drawback when you need to give someone directions, so heed the warning.

It does indeed have a sweet aftertaste.  Apparently it goes best with lime juice, chili powder, cilantro and other things I won't have in my kitchen, so instead I tried it with a ranch dressing dip, just salt and pepper, salt and vinegar and the dill-flavored popcorn topping which was horrible.  Don't try that option.

Overall not bad, certainly one to add to the crudité arsenal.  Although I think my digestive system knows about all the extra fiber and it doesn't sound too happy about it.  Of course, this could be unrelated and more information than any of you need.

Photo by Ian Brown


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