Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day at Cobble Beach

It's Family Day, the day I would look forward to if I was working so I wouldn't have to work.  We get to spend the whole day together and try not to kill each other.  Hurrah!

This year, Cobble Beach are offering a family fun day, which promises that the kids will have, and I quote, "the time of their lives!".

They may need to "recant" that statement, although a large part of the problem here was the weather.  No snow, little wind, but holy $%&# it was cold. The kind of cold that makes your toes fall off if you're not careful.

Temperature aside, they put on a pretty good day (or hour in our case - did I mention it was cold?), with lots to do.  The sumo looked fun, but none of the kids wanted to do it:

The snowshoes would have been a new experience, but they set up late and all the shoes were being used when we wandered past.  There was ice hockey, but we didn't have any gear, so they rode ponies instead:

The obstacle course was a giggle, as was the snow golf.  My third approach shot was impeccable.  There was even a guy with a chainsaw, but he was only carving bits of wood.  Expertly, I might add:

Indoors they had face painting, nail polishing and a bar that wasn't open, although there was free hot chocolate and s'mores to make over an open fire.  The s'mores, not the hot chocolate.

The biggest issue for us was the food.  Available at what they described as a "nominal" fee, they had quite the barbecue going, with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and french fries, among other goodies.  It all looked very tasty, and the long lineup attested to this fact.


$5.75 for a hamburger, to me, is not "nominal".  I think I've spotted the "angle" on this free family day.

So, off to McDonald's we went, then tobogganing to follow.  All in all, a fun family day.

Pic Of The Day

Wait, what?  How is this possible?  It's a conspiracy!

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