Monday, February 4, 2013

Reconnecting with old friends

I am going to be distinctly "dyslogistic" about today, a day that started out with so much promise and suddenly took a turn for the worse.

As is usually the case with life, nothing ever goes according to plan, even when you don't have one.  The gods of chaos seem to delight in making a mockery of our attempts at existence.  A bit overly dramatic perhaps, but I just lost my job, so I'm feeling a little gloomy about things.

Needing something to cheer me up, I thought what could be better than looking up some old friends and reconnecting with them?

A while back, in a fit of pique at Facebook, I decided to reduce my Friend's list to the bare minimum - family and very close friends only.  I'm sure there's a word for this kind of Facebook purge, but if not allow me to coin one.  Furge.  I furged hard, from several hundred down to about twenty in less time than it takes to Google up a Twilight meme.

(thanks - my cabbages!)

Where was I?  Oh yes, feeling nostalgic.  So, I started adding people back in.  Holy crap, I know a lot more people than I thought I did.  Some I still talk to anyway, but just didn't have them on Facebook.  Others I hadn't seen or heard from in a long time.  Then there are the other ones.  The ones I thought I'd completely burned my bridges with, and yet still they accept my friend request.  Even after all this time, all these people are still my friends.

Even as I type this, I still see notifications popping up in Facebook telling me another old friend has accepted me back into their lives.

What a rush.  I've been scrolling through friend lists and clicking "Add" buttons all night long, and I'm still not tired of it.  It's almost worth removing them all just so I can add them again.

So, if you're reading this as one of my long-neglected friends or reconciled enemies, I just wanted to say thanks.  You've changed one of the worst days in recent memory into one of the best, and I can heartily recommend you all go and do the same.  Right now.  Go on!

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