Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friendship bracelets

With Family Day coming up tomorrow, we seem to be having a real family-themed weekend here at Thing Central.  Next up is another craft project, friendship bracelets.

Wow, these things look complicated.  My inability to crochet is not filling me with the confidence I need to do these, despite the assurance that they are suitable for ages 8 and up.

The instruction manual isn't as much help as I was hoping, at least on first glance, but I refuse to give up.  Calling on the expertise of the kids (girls know how to do these instinctively, don't they?) leaves me more puzzled than before.

I promised to do this, and I doubt I'll be getting a "quittance" from my daughter on this one, so I persevere, and guess what?  I 'got' it! The string is cut, knotted and fitted to the frame, and actually it really isn't that hard after all.

Not as complicated as it looks

No, not hard.  Just loooong.  I mean, this thing is taking hours to do.

Getting there...

I'm not going to be making any more of these in a hurry, I mean, I have a life.

...and it's done at last

Yay!  My daughter loves it, couldn't wait to put it on.  That was an hour ago, and I haven't seen her wearing it since.  Oh well.  At least we bonded some more, and that's what's important.  Right?

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