Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free dental care? You bet your sweet bippy!

While being out of work does have many advantages, such as sleeping in and having time for things (or stuff, if that's more your style), it also has many drawbacks, not least of which is a lack of benefits.

This is especially a problem for the kids, although they don't know it.  Nor would they care if you tried to explain it to them.  No access to ice-cream they can understand, but a lack of good dental coverage not so much.  I blame the parents.

Fortunately for us, Grey Bruce Public Health (ooh, look, it's 'Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week'!) offer a program called CINOT, or "Children In Need Of Treatment".  Pretty catchy name, eh?

What this offers is free dental care for children 17 and under with no access to dental benefits.  So we called and made an appointment, and today is the day.  Picked him up from school and down to the Health Unit we went.

It was all very friendly and easy, a quick check on his teeth by the hygienist revealed he'd lost a filling and would need to see an actual dentist.  We made an appointment with his regular dentist, and the whole procedure will be paid for.

It's great to see this kind of thing being offered, not just for our sake but for all the kids in the area. Dental health is so important to get right, especially from a young age, but if you don't have coverage it's just not possible for most people, so good on you, Grey Bruce Public Health.  It's a real "lollapalooza".


In recognition of Charles Darwin's birthday on this day in 1809, today is Darwin Day, but don't tell the Creationists or they'll get all sullen and moody and mutter things under their breath like 'Oh yeah, explain the banana then' and 'Evolution?  Pfft.  Prove it.  You can't, can you?'.

In hockey news, on this day in 1949 the Canadian ice hockey team beat Denmark 47-0 in the first round of the World Ice Hockey Championships.  I'm reliably informed that the Danish players went on to form the nucleus of the current Toronto Maple Leafs.

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  1. Now if we could only get free Dental health for adults. That would also be cool.

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