Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family game night - Pictionary

Saturday nights is family game night round these here parts, albeit with a reduced family as one of them has a sleepover to go to, so the four of us left settled down to a game of Pictionary.

The box says it's for ages 12+, so this could be a challenge as the kids don't get much above 10. It's not easy for them to draw something when they don't even know what it is, but that's all part of the fun, right?

Only if you define "fun" as "maddeningly frustrating".
It became clear fairly quickly that the rules were something we would have to follow very loosely, for fear of surrendering our sanity.  They needed quite a bit of help.  Here are some examples for you to scratch your heads at.

Botox.  No, really.

This is Tom Cruise

This is Tom Cruise too.

Delightful. We should have gotten them to sign these with a "paraph".

We had fun though, especially laughing at Tom Cruise, a pastime you can never grow tired of.  Bonding with the kids at the expense of an over-rated celebrity with questionable mental health?  Check.

On a side note, we got the kids some Cracker Jacks this weekend, and I have to say they're not like I've been told they used to be. Expecting an exciting surprise inside, this is what we found:

Crackerjack surprises sure have gone downhill

It's a game.  You need a peanut to play, several of which came in the box but then got eaten.  You push the peanut around the sticker obstacle course trying to score points.  Seriously?  Heck, I'll go so far as to say "srsly"?  I was lead to believe you could get a driver's license in these things.  Ask any Owen Sound driver to open their wallet, and there's a good chance that's where theirs came from.

I think we'll stick with Kinder eggs for our disappointing surprise fixes.

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