Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Origami Dinosaur

Oh, "wellaway", what shall I do today?  So many things to try, not nearly enough planning done to try any of them.  Oh, what to do?  Learn a language?  Make a pot?  Brew some wine?  No time for any of that nonsense.

How about some quick and dirty origami?  Never made a dinosaur before, looks pretty easy, so here goes...

We begin the same way we do whatever we're making, a simple sheet of paper.  Green in this instance:

Next, we make a few folds:

And create one of the standard origami bases, the Bird Base:

A little more work, and we make a head and some arms:

Finish off the legs, et voila! A fearsome green dinosaur:

Go grab some paper, and give it a try!

On an unrelated note, I went and added "Listen to the top 100 best albums of all time - on vinyl." to the Bucket List.  This is gonna be a tricky one, not least because I don't have a record deck.  Time to start looking on Kijiji, see what I can find...

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